Social Management Program Solutions Here

Social Management Program Solutions Here

Social Management Program Solutions Here

Companies have been able to identify both new threats and new business opportunities in their adaptation processes to the digital age and have developed relationship mechanisms with their customers and even with their employees through these platforms.

Since the appearance of the first social networks to the present day advertising agency malaysia, more than one billion people have become regular users of this type of service, publishing news, photos, videos, opinions, personal data and all kinds of information immediately accessible from anywhere from the planet and from any device, leading to a cultural change in society.

The Effectiveness

The effectiveness of social networks and their high degree of adoption has not gone unnoticed by companies that, aware of their media and reputational impact, have been able to identify both new threats and new business opportunities in their processes of adaptation to the digital age and They have developed relationship mechanisms with their clients and even with their employees through these platforms. In case of social management this comes useful.

These initiatives could be classified into three groups, depending on their focus, complexity and purpose.

  • In the first place, the most basic initiatives and approaches for managing social networks, from a business perspective, consist of the establishment of policies, guidelines and controls that regulate the use that employees make of social networks in the publication of information. thus preserving the image of the company and avoiding negative reputational impacts derived from unfortunate comments.
  • The second approach consists of adapting and extending business services to social networks, considering it as another channel of communication and interaction with your employees and clients.
  • From this perspective, there are already many, if not almost all, companies that have opted for this approach for years. The first business forays into this type of services were led by the Human Resources, Communication, Marketing and Customer Service areas, all of which shared tactical or operational approaches, such as the search for talent, the sharing of internal information, the relationship with the customer, corporate communication and product marketing.

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Finally, there is a much more complex and innovative approach that provides greater value to companies from a business opportunity point of view. It arises from the combination of concepts such as “Big Data” and predictive analytics together with the digital transformation trends of companies.

In this sense, the interest of companies in adapting their products and services to the new needs of customers has meant that the business use of social networks is evolving and opening its doors to new services of a strategic nature.

Assuming that social networks are possibly the largest social “Big Data” in the world, it could be said that they have become, de facto, the main source of information for predictive analysis of social behavior and trends.

The perfect Usage

The use that can be made of these analyzes is limitless. From market studies and development of new products to the evaluation of business risks and anticipation of new threats based on “Cyber ​​Intelligence” services provided by specialized service companies.

In any case, its business adoption is going from being optional and recommended to being practically essential and mandatory; And in no case should it be ignored by those companies concerned about its evolution and survival in the current adaptation and digital transformation contexts.

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