Gaming Online: What Parents Need To Know

Gaming Online: What Parents Need To Know

Gaming Online: What Parents Need To Know
An online game is an online interactive game that either primarily or partially is played over the
Internet or some other computer network accessible worldwide. Online games are often played
by large numbers of players simultaneously hero park coin. Some of them are single player games and the
others are multi player games, which require two or more players to work together to finish a
game. The object of the game is to earn points or “earned credits” that can be used to buy
various items and tools for playing the game.

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Gaming consoles such as Xbox, Play Station, Wii, etc. are the most popular gaming consoles
that enable players to enjoy gaming online on the internet. They allow players to play the video
games using special game controllers. Video game consoles differ from personal computers in
many ways. For example, whereas PCs can be configured to enable players to use wireless
internet routers to connect to the gaming servers, gaming consoles cannot be configured so that
they can use such protocols as WEP or Kerbal. In addition, a video game console has a memory
and graphics chip that can only be accessed by having an installed copy of the game for the
system, whereas personal computers have a general memory that can be accessed by any
software application that has been written to run on the PC.
One of the most interesting characteristics of Internet gaming is that it appeals to a wide range of
people. From teenagers who love super hero games to adult users who want to have a good
time on the World Wide Web, everyone is able to participate. One reason why online gaming is
so popular is that it is very affordable. Young people are spending hundreds of dollars per month
on internet gaming accounts. Some even pay thousands of dollars per month for a high quality
gaming internet connection.

Gaming: What Parents Need To Know -
Another reason why Internet gaming online is so popular is that anyone can play the same
games whether he has a wired or wireless internet connection. This has led to the development
of apps that run on mobile phones, PDAs and smart phones. For example, a multiplayer racing
game on a smartphone can let the player take his phone and play the game while commuting to
and from work in the subway or bus. Likewise, a social networking game for a tablet PC lets the
player socialize with other players all over the world while she is playing video games on her
It is important to realize that there are dangers related to playing online. Just like playing
multiplayer games on the internet, some online gaming websites may have user ratings where
children aged twelve and below can be rated based on their popularity. While these ratings are
certainly a helpful tool in terms of helping parents know what their children are up to, they should
be used with caution. Moreover, the very same children who are being rated may also be
participating in organized online games where they can be targeted for bullying.
The problem is not so much an issue of internet safety as it is an issue of business ethics. Many
in-app purchases are made in the name of entertainment and fun, but the purchase of items in
the name of obtaining in-game currencies such as crates and loot boxes heightens the risk for
abuse. A single instance of in-app purchases to obtain weapons or boosts to climb higher in the
rankings can easily result in the destruction or theft of a parent’s mobile device. To prevent this
kind of harassment, and to ensure the safety of its children, every gaming online service provider
must make it mandatory for all purchasers of in-app purchases to accept usage of credit cards

and for all users to be bound by the terms and conditions of these platforms.

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